Encoders on MCP23017

all in one pcb use H11L1 optocoupler IC can use 6n138 its same

I have build all Indonesian one module but no work help me please


Bu of no connect to all on one module with 7 icnh waveshare lcd itu work fine

  1. Visual Inspection & Plug Socket orientation check :smiley:
  2. Your All-in-One board stops a working machine?
  3. Does you pi die (no leds) when you connect All-In-One board?
    If so you have a Power Supply short on All-in-One.
  4. Can you measure voltages? Check (using schematic …) Check PSU pins on All-In_One board.

its work fine but add all in one module with rotarry switct encoder single controller

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What is exactly your layout configuration? If you disconnect the All-In-One circuit and configure “Dummy” wiring layout … does it work OK?

Have you tried to test your encoders from the command line?


You also can check if the MCP23017 is “on-line” for the RBPi. Just run this command:

gpio i2c

The default address of the MCP23017 GPIO expander is 0x20 :wink:


1.How do I connect wiring a rotary encoder to switch intelligently all in one module pcb
2.whether to add a capacitor on the back of this such as the pcb looks in this picture?all%20in%20one


this standard all in one module from gifthub zynthian hw

Take a look to this post :wink:

If you can make these encoders work on zynthian, please give me the recipe hahaha! I have not been able to make them work. I’m using the same model on the official all-in-one board.

do any of the encoders produce a response?

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my ky encoder mod https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fcvQAucEeE