New feature: X-Y touch-controller


Hi @all!

I’ve added a X-Y touch-controller screen. For testing it, you have to:

  1. Udpate your Zynthian Box software from the admin menu
  2. Start an engine and select bank and preset:

For instance: ZynAddSubFX, channel #1, “net-wisdom” bank and “Vangelis-C” preset :wink:

  1. From the “instrument control” screen, bold-push (1 second is OK) simultaneously the 2 controllers you want play and … tachaaan!!

There are some problems:

  • Currently you can’t select 2 controllers from different screens. I’ve to find a way …
  • The resistive touchscreen is not the best. If someone has a capacitive, please, send feedbak!
  • Others?


WARNING! Touchscreen functionality in official Zynthian Kits
Any plans for Touch interface?
MCP23017 Yes!

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Very promising ! Yes it now indeed makes sense to get the capacitive touchscreen instead ! Will you promote it to the “default” screen in the future ?


Amazing! I just have finished building my own zynthian, fully by myself. I’m testing this feature with my 2.8 PiTFT Capacitive. Caused by “rotation=90” in webconfig, when I move in X-axis, the cross move in Y-axis, and vice versa. If I change rotation to 180, the movement works properly, but the screen obviously is seing bad. Any trick to resolve this? Thanks in advance, this project is gorgeous!!!

Swaped X axis of touchpad - solved

Hi @jordisilv!

You have to rotate the touch surface, but no the screen itself.

Take a look to the “/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-calibration.conf”, but be warned that currently this file is overwritten by the config system. I’ve to improve it! :blush:

Please, when your system is working OK, son’t forget to send a little report, including photos and details about your specific configuration tweaks, so i can include it in the configuration tool.

Una abraçada!

P.D: Nano, ya estás mostrándome ese Zynthian valenciano!! Ganitas tengo de verlooooo!!! :wink:


Also, take a look to this topic:



This is just the beginning! Muahahaha… No ho dubtes, dona’m unes setmanes que acabe a la universitat! :grin:


Great! Dale caña a los estudios pues!!



Hi @jofemodo

I tried this on my Disco-Zynthian. Due to the plexiglas front there is no problem with attaching the front panel. But (bold) pressing the two controllers I like to use in X/Y mode seems to make some strange things: from reboot to showing an empty X-screen.

Is this a feature of the newest update or do I have other problems? I have a PiTFT-2.8-resistive. I know that you made some magic with my other Zynthian and after that it worked…

Regards, Holger


Hi @C0d3man!

I’ve fixed a bug in XY-control screen. Now it’s working OK. Update and try again. If it doesn’t work, try to see the log messages …



Many thanks at @jofemodo!!! Now I get the X/Y screen. But the touch does not work… have no idea why :sob:

Regards, Holger


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