WARNING! Touchscreen functionality in official Zynthian Kits


Hi @all!

If you are using Gorgona image with an official Zynthian Kit, you could have problems with the new touchscreen functionality that is activated after updating the software from the admin menu.

This is a description of the touchscreen functionality that you should get after updating:

If you don’t have this new features after updating, then probably your touchscreen is not working correctly and this is the explanation:

Recently i have detected a problem affecting some touchscreens when attached to the Aluminum Case. The problem is related to the border of the touch-surface beeing pressed by the aluminum frame when tightening the bolts.
In order to get the touchscreen working correctly, you may have to play with the bolts and the screen position until it’s correctly aligned and tightening. Sometimes it’s not an easy task. Sorry. The next revision of the case have a slighty bigger window for the screen that should solve the problem.


Mounting my Zynthian Box Kit

This is a problem for all resistive touch panels… the frame must NOT touch the panel surface.


Yes, that’s true, the problem is that the screen window in the aluminum case is too adjusted and it’s difficult to fit the screentouch without touching the frame.



IIRC, in your case the display PCB is attached to the front panel with M3 screws, so a pair of 2mm high plastic washers + a 0.5mm hign on each screw between frame and PCB will keep the display just at the right distance. I had to take that measure to design my box… my display attachments are 4.40mm high and he distance is perfect for the PiTFT+


I was not the only one, so… great news and less headache :slight_smile:


I’ve found these 3.5mm separators that solve the problem:

Some screentouch versions needs 5mm separators too, but this size is available too.

Official kits will include these separators from now. Also, If somebody bought a official kit and can’t get/build proper separators locally, i could send a few of these for free :wink:

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I put this picture with the problem of contact.


I propose an easy and cheap alternative using EVA plastic.

Some little piece from other projects.

Mark the limits of the screen

Cut and prepare the holes for drivers. Also cut a little rectangles to use as separators

And finally put the border limiter plus separators…

And now, the final result.

Front view with a preset.


Hi @Mister_Carrington!

Well solved!! Let us know if the touchscreen is working OK with this solution.