New stable-2211 is out!

I was able to connect directly to the router. I forgot my mesh router satellite had access points in the back, since I usually just do a direct ethernet connection to the Mac. That direct connection affects my internet access which usually isn’t a problem.

So if anyone else has a similar issue with direct ethernet, running through the router or another access point might help. However the idea of a RTC seems like an interesting and potentially beneficial thing. I’d be willing to add one if I could figure out how to do it without breaking everything.

Thanks again for all the great tips.

Those of us involved in events linked to things like solstices, bell ringing and such like would appreciate this…

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I loaded Odin 2 … but if I use a polyphonic sound, the Zynthian sound sizzles and the red triangle appears. I am using a Raspberry P4 with 4Gb of ram and a SanDisk Ultra 32 Gb A1 SD.
Could it be a problem with the SD?
Many thanks

Most probably the Odin patch is too resource hungry. See previous comments - Odin is a powerful synth that can exhaust the resources available within Zynthian. Raspberry Pi is a relatively low powered device and will struggle with complex Odin patches. This is also true of other synths like Helm, Surge, Vitalium, etc. These are all fantastic synths with powerful features but they come at a price.

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I figured … I was hoping it was an SD problem … however monophonic sinths work fine. I’m trying ALL the sounds to make a selection and lighten the Zynthian by having only the sounds that really interest me inside. I am VERY satisfied with this machine.
Thanks Riban

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Yusss… someone else is going to read the manual for me :grinning:


I think it may be of interest that, having destroyed the firmware to change the display from 2.8 to 3.5, reinstalling the latest clean version, the Pianoteq license works.
You have done a FANTASTIC job. Thank you

Even if everything works I ask you… in the last Webconf you can’t configure the MPC23017 INT-A pin?


Have you tried to click the select ? :wink:
It’s grey, but you should be able to change the value.

I just fixed this so now background it should be white for selects and input boxes.


Many thanks jofemodo.
But I believe that you are referring to the “old” Webconf, if you look below I have put the screen of the new Webconf… it’s the new one that I don’t understand how to modify. Thank you

Hi @Lanfranco !

I’m talking about the last stable version (“new”), but you are right, there is a “bug”:

  • when changing to “custom” layout, some select boxes hide

Let me solve the issue :wink:


… A mythical man

Many thanks



… a stupid question …
I self-built the Zynthian … can I connect a led that warns me when the shutdown is over?
… and always from the top of my ignorance … there is no way to turn off the display after it has been turned off … sorry for these questions for you trivial …

I have this problem too - white shining display after Zynthian/RaspberryPi is shut down. I am afraid I found out this is the issue of the display used (white screen as default when power is on but there is no signal from a controller) - I think I found some additional wiring in the original Zynthian screen schematics which turns the screen off completely on the lack of signal.

My display (Adafruit) does not go white but remains on the Zynthian screen and with the word Power off.

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I have another question … (what a nuisance).
There are sounds like Pianoteq, which for my taste don’t need additional effects… what if I wanted to insert an echo on a synth but which doesn’t affect the other instruments as well? It would be nice to have a control on the mixer to decide how much effect to give for each channel… maybe two controls… one for echo and one for reverb or for any effect you want to use… I throw the stone and hide the hand… :wink:

Hi @Lanfranco

You can add audio effects to each chain individually so if you want reverb on just one synth then add it to that chain. The main mixbus effects chain acts as an insert point on the main output. There is not capability to implement individual send level control for the main mixbus. It affects the main output after everything is mixed.