New Zynthian build from kit -- No sound, wifi doesn't work


Sorry! We are trying to improve the development cycle to avoid this kind of errors.

The new ZynthianOS building system, that we are testing right now, will release images every day and will be easy to create development and production images, among others:

Anyway, tomorrow i will try to fix these problems :wink:



OK! I’ve found the problem. The wifi firmware was not updating correctly.
It’s fixed now and a software update from the admin menu or command line should be enough.
If still not working, try burning a fresh SD with the last Gorgona Omega image and then update software.

Kind Regards,


Wifi works now.
I first updated from the menu but it didn’t work. Updating from the command line worked.


I fixed some problems with the update system and now it should work from menu and cli.



And webconf hopefully.


I just tried and it works perfectly too :wink:


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