Raspi v4 3D Case Files

I’m currently building my own version of zynthian (geared towards playing live music) and I’m planning to 3D print the first few design iterations. Are there any 3d Designs for a case with a raspberry 4 and a hifiberry (DAC + ADC) already available? I’m using solidworks and inventor but a step file is fine too.

I already looked at the https://github.com/zynthian/zynthian-case repository but there are only svg and dxf files.

I could import them of course but if somebody has the files available that would be great!

Hi, see here:

Thank you! I see that wasn’t formulated clearly. I was referring to the zynthian cases :wink: I updated text and title accordingly

Sorry, i don’t have 3D files that you can use for 3D printing. Perhaps i could export a STEP for the aluminum case, but the manufacturing process we use is “laser cut + sheet metal bending”, that is very different to 3D printing.


The github repository you mentioned also lists a zynthian case with stl files if that helps you.


A step file would be great! I would modify it for 3d printing myself and share the results to GitHub :slight_smile:

I’ll check out the Waveshare version, thanks!

Hi @Invert!

The STEP file will take some weeks. Ramon, the aluminum case designer, is on holidays until September …


@freeKey mentioned how the 3D case he has isn’t really up to the task due to its manufacture following the aluminium case design. Additive fabrication is very different to subtractive fabrication so you will need to take care to avoid the issue he experienced.

Thanks for all the replies, I will try with the 3d file mentioned by @ronsum, of course the official files would be helpful too, I’ll just wait a bit :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure its 3D printable and check out @freeKey issue, I’ll post the results once I’m happy with it. It will most likely have some changes extra switches etc.

I thing the issue related to the structural stability of a successfully printed case, e.g. lack of rigidity, etc.

I see, there are some really cool tricks to make 3d parts very stable, ill try some of them.

Hey @Invert and @riban,

I never posted this anywhere, just told about it shortly in one of the Zynth Club gatherings. So:
I didn’t print it myself but bought mine from hekokkong. It is this one: V3 Build Success
probably following this discussion Is there a 3d printable case for the v3 kit?

Well, it basically works, but isn’t particularly stable or precise. I guess the main problem is the shape of the two parts since the U-shape is hard to print well. Just my 2ct.

For my own case (pun intended), it was clear from the beginning that this is just a temporary solution as a start to play around with before I make my own, more stable case.

In the meantime, mine looks like this:

Thanks for the head up, will present my results :slight_smile:

I’ve recently designed a case in Onshape (I think you need an account to view; you can mix/edit and export STL from there), which was also featured in the Success cases thread, see over there for a bit more info and picture.