Recommendations on oscilloscopes

Just that really.
2 channels triggerable.

Any other approaches or ideas…?

I currently use a Bitscope Micro (conntected to a RPi400). I tried a lent 4-channel/1 Ghz Tektronix, but it was too complicated for the things I wanted to do…

Seems to be unavailable, and has been for some time.

A Rohde and Schwarz will probably offer everything one would ever need, but costs an arm and a leg…

But depending on your requirements maybe something like the following is enough. Sorry for the wrong language, haven’t found a way to switch to english…

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The Pokit Meter and Pokit Pro include a one-channel oscilloscope feature, just get two meters. :slight_smile: Not sure about the trigger part…

Well I’ve got Amazon to provide Hantek DSO5102P…

I’m chasing down audio noise so we shall see.
It’s certainly infinitely better than the old school scope I learnt on.


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I’m rather looking forward to the scope turning up…

Ah, thanks. Have fun ‘chasing down audio noise’ with the scope. With some noise sources it helps to power the scope from battery.

KORG has a “DIY” scope for 229.99 US$ list. Also has analyzer, tuner, and tone generator. Pretty steep price, though.

I got caught in one of those Amazon monkey traps, too. They make it all too easy to click on the wrong button.


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Arthur Pini at Electronic Design News wrote an interesting article about some subtle points regarding measuring-[looking at] noise with a digital scope that I hadn’t seen before:
How to make better measurements with your oscilloscope or digitizer

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Could this be of interest?
I have a feeling that the majority of the cheap oscilloscopes are based on the same hardware…


KORG has a “DIY” scope for 229.99 US$ list. Also has analyzer, tuner, and tone generator.

Also known as the Korg NTS-2 (Thomann).

Checkout Rigol. Well made scopes inside and out that are feature-packed. They actually used to make the entry-level scopes for Agilent. You can checkout reviews on EEVblog site.

An article in EETimes has a review and a table of current low cost oscilloscopes:

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