Starting my zynthian build: alternative LCD, DAC, encoders


All works, but doesn’t with the expected behavior. The first encoder just works when I use the second. The second just alternate between the Layer List and Admin screens. The third, alternate between Save Snapshot and Load Snapshot screens…

Oh! I get it!

And now I’ve observed other behavior: after a time, all the encoders stops work


You have crossed the SW pin with some A or B pins. Please, check carefully your phisical wiring.

Also, you could try tweaking the webconf wiring-layout values :wink:



A simple doubt: whe you says pin 1, it’s from right to left or left to right?


Pin 1 is always from left to right :wink:


what is the default and official Wiring config for all-in-one board at webconf?


The official wiring layout is MPC23017_ENCODERS for Kit v2 (All-In-One circuit) and PROTOTYPE-4 for Kit v1 (2InOne circuit).


and about the values of the A/B/Switch GPIO-pins?


When you select a wiring layout, these values are adjusted accordingly. You can modify the values if you want, but in such a case it’s recommended to use the “CUSTOM” wiring layout, that’s empty for that purpose. If your wiring layout can be interesting for other people, we could add it to the list :wink:



Perhaps my board or my encoders are defective :frowning: I’ve tested all possibilities and doesn’t work properly. Now have just the enc 4 wired at board. Left, Right and button have only 1 behavior: Right.


Sticking with the Motor 61 theme. This keyboard doesn’t clear down notes clearly. I can frequently trick it into holding a note by syncopated playing.

I have the Roland A-88 via USB and a Nord Modular G2 via MIDI Input on the same patch and I don’t get the effect with that.
That’s a bit of a problem … :disappointed_relieved:

Let’s see what Behringer say.