Success Cases

My preference is for knobs without lines but they are so difficult to source. I also like heavy (metal) knobs, preferably knurled. I bought some from eBay but the hole is too small to fit the encoder shaft. thonk have some which may be appropriate. I am yet to finalise my design but thonk look the most likely / best supplier for this kind of thing. (I may need to get out my drill to fix the knobs I bought!)

Yeah, I was trying to find those without lines too.
I’ll keep looking. Let me know if you find a good supplier.

Hey guys…I am clearly jumping the gun here and I know I shouldn’t, because we are discussing “success cases” not “just arrived in the post and loads of extra work left to do cases”, but I got parts in the post and I am excited :slight_smile: I will keep you updated with all my fails and my final compromise :crazy_face::+1:


Finally I started to understand the web configuration, changed the font and background colors. It turned out that


Thank you so much for a great synthesizer. I apologize, but I do not know how to make the sound lasting, there are short sounds.

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While we are on the subject of shiny new boxes…

Shortly after my last post to this thread, my little plastic case kind of fell apart. :frowning: So, time to build a new case!

It was several months in the making (my fault! :blush:), and the first version of the new case was scaled a little too big!

But now, after much calculating, troubleshooting, and banging-head-on-table, my Zynthian Case V2 is finally complete!

It was laser-cut from 3mm plywood, held together with M2.5x12mm screws. It was designed around the V2 Zyn hardware.

My new case also has the knob labels…

…and a nice, big “Zynthian” on the front! :smiley:

Yay! :partying_face: Now I get to take it to my homemade synth shelf…

…turn it on…

…and feed @wyleu some Zynthesized guitar! :laughing: :guitar:

ZynAddSubFX / Guitar / Dist Guitar 3
-> Tal-Dub-3
-> MaGigaverb

The snapshot: 008-GigaTar.zss (20.0 KB)

And do not forget to use pitchbend! :wink:

Enjoy! :ok_hand:


Aaah shucks . . . . ( chucks small furry animal and what looks like an un-sound clipped zynthian posters’s leg to several un-feasibly large dogs on chains, kept convenient for just such an occasion . . . )

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@MrBroccoli Eh eh !! Nice post with much humour and self dérision… I adore…

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Thank you so much for Zynthian!
I figured out all the settings. Everything works, the sounds are excellent. I like it very much, Thank you, you did a great job.


And now you can. :face_with_monocle:

Actually you already have, so don’t unless you’d like to.

The responsible minion has been chucked from the castle battlements as punishment. . . .

It’s the only way we get things done round here.


I’ll still do it, I have an old MIDI keyboard Roland PSR-30, I want to embed on it Zynthian.

I like the sounds, there are a lot of sounds from the 80s.

Looks great! I’m planning to add one into an old 49-key controller I have. Do you know, can you run Zynthian ‘blind’ (albeit with less usability) without using an LCD screen? And also, is it possible to remap the functions that the 4 hardware knobs around the screen would control to other knobs instead? So for example, if I didn’t add any extra knobs to my MIDI keyboard I could just use some of the knobs it already has to perform the functions that those 4 knobs around the screen would do?

The problem with midi controllers mapped to the encoders is that as they are encoders not pots it’s not really possible to map the concept if a midi controller is set to value 3 or 4 how does this then map to a list function where you might want to scroll 15 or so entries down in a zynth list… The other problem is how do you do the encoder of the encoder push?

You can work a zynth without a screen but you really need the visual feedback to tell you where you are in the interface…



But what are you doing with those extra knobs?

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Main Volume and Headphones Volume…


What kind of amplifier are you using for headphones?

MAX97220 headamp…

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