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Hi @nixator!

Could you give some details about your case?
How did you build it? It seems a generic one, but the drills and holes are very well done. A good work!!



I dismantled my first Zynthian, bought a bigger case and added an Audioinjector Zero on top of a Raspi 3.

Lots of space left for future features…or a second Raspi :slight_smile:


Hello, nice job.
I’m Léo and new on this forum, I’m about to try to do a box like you and i see i’m using the same screen (3"5) and i’m terribly confused to configur this device… Please can you tell me how you make this work? Thanks.
I hope have something to post here soon. :slight_smile:


Hi @jofemodo!

Nice to read, that you like my Zynth… I bought cheape one - under ten euro and make holes by firm hand and dremel circular saw for straight edges.


Hi, I solve it here: Swaped X axis of touchpad - solved


Thanks, i’ll try that ASAP :slight_smile:


What a wondeful project! I am enjoying it from the beggining.

The kit was bought by Smart Open Lab, a fablab space inside the University of Extremadura. We are continuosly doing things related with open hardware, sound and music and Zynthian was a MUST for us.

We received the kit “All-in-one” and the four “Controller Modules” and built them easily using the very good documentation of the wiki.

For this initial version, we used:

  • RaspberryPi 3
  • 2.8” Adafruit PITFT screen
  • HifiBerry DAC
  • Plastic case of an old external Hitachi hard disc

I had some problems with the MIDI communication with my keyboard (a borrowed M-Audio AxiomPro25) but I was helped by a friend. I had to configure correctly the MIDI ouput of the keyboard.

I share the link of the “decal” we designed to cover the case. We still do not have too much to share…:sweat_smile:

We are using it since some days, nicely and without problems. We were even using it with many children last friday and was a success. We use it with an external looper and could have thousands of fun hours of live music. We use the standard version of the OS without any add-on.

We have at least two next steps to perform:

  • Include the looper inside Zynthian. I think it is already done.

  • Include an audio input (maybe via AudioInjector) for processing the electric guitar. We have quite experience doing stompboxes and amplifiers (I have too much of them!) but I would also like to have a portable digital processor. Zynthian seems perfect.

I think there is already good information in this forum. We will study it.

We only can give thanks and more thanks! to all the contributors on this project. It is amazing and very rewarding. And we have just done the version V0.1 of box… hehehe

We will continue spreading the project and trying to help with the next developments.

We will try to record some videos in the next weeks. Please, excuse the low quality of the photos. Mobile phones…

All the best!


Cme UF5 Zynthian

After x hours with the dremel I finally got Zynthian installed inside my good ol’ CME usb keyboard.

Only thing I could wish for is a 3d printer frame round the screen…

Raspberry Pi 3, Adafruit 5" hdmi, Audioinjector soundcard, Prototype4 wiring.

I have all pots “directly” wired to gpio (no all in one module), thus only the two lower pots have switches.


It’s really a nice Zynthian “Case” :wink: Congratulations!!


KUDOS!! You beat me to it! Beautifully executed design! I’ve been working on this exact thing for the last week. Mines a-lot different however.


@hit3c, I’m looking forward to see the results :wink:


Three zynthian minors arguing over an HDMI connector . . .

One hifi berry Amp one Audio Injector & and an Audio Injector zero . . .


What a happy zamily!! :wink:


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