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Interesting . . . .

I wonder if two of the DC Converters in this Power Supply for Zynthian would provide the same degree of cross-talk isolation?

How did you divert the power into the Audio Injector?


What about a wiki entry with links to the components?


hi @wyleu

The raspberry and Audioinjector are being powered by the same supply.

The second power supply is now being used only for the preamplifiers. In the future it will also be used for output buffers.


Presumably one could cut the track from pin 1 (5V) on the 40 way and feed the on-board AMS1117 from your separate supply or a DC to DC converter as per the Power Supply.

Anyone Put a scope across the +5V on a Pi/Audio Injector?
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Hi, please tell me, where did you get the front panel from? I am not able to find normal price for cutting a rectangle for the screen… :frowning:


Hi @martin_SK

that panel was made with laser cutting.


Hi Guys!

Some sound samples:


thanks, and is it alumium or steel?


Hi @rod_amaral!

I added your samples to the Wiki:

@zynthianers, remember that you can edit the wiki and add your demos and samples … it would be very appreciated :wink:



Amazing case ! Looking forward to making the one from wood myself.


I am interested to know how the pots and arduino operate, and how they interface with the rest of the zynthian system?

Regards, Paul


Thank you, Team Zynthian for making it possible !
Beautiful thing with amazing possibilities !

My current prototype is complete, everything is working great for now. Some things are in “todo” list, and I will to it step by step. The case in temporal, would make something wooden for the permanent solution.

Todo list:

  1. Midi leds
  2. New case with interchangable back plate for configuration change options and an option to remove an sd card from below without opening the whole case.
  3. Test input and midi

Current configuration is:
Rpi3 B+ (2017)
Audioinjector stereo
Samsung EVO 32Gb micro sd


Congratulations Andrei! You made a fantastic world. Only a few intrepid makers have a Zynthian with audio input :wink:


@jofemodo, it is a real pleasure so solder everything and make it work - thanks to you ! Looking forward for complete sooperlooper integration, then audio input would be used properly. As for now, will try it with my open theremin and maybe post a video.

The only bitter part, that while assembling my ozmaker piscreen 2 stopped working with touch. Trying to resolve the issue (and I don’t depend on it much, knobs are enough in most of cases) because having some features that doesn’t work is unsatisfying.

May be I have bent the screen a little with the screws, when I first put it into the case. At the beginning touch worked out of the box.

Also, my zynthian is one of the first in Russia (like @Schpion’s with great case). Happy to extend the zynthian map a bit :slight_smile: !


@dhrupadiya, your zynthian is in the map now!
I will be waiting some audio feedback from you :wink:


Just finished setting up a Zynthian on a 7" Pi touchscreen (official version), a Pi3 and a Hifiberry DAC+

So far so good…still learning how to use and navigate everything. Still debating on building a smaller box with encoders.

Having an issue with the wifi though…and I’m not sure if it’s the hotspot running that prevents the wifi from being useful versus having to connect via ethernet in order to administer it. Ethernet works properly but the wifi won’t get a proper IP from the network specified…it’s usually the typical 169.x.x.x or something wonky.


Hi @johnbiehler!

Please, send a screenshot of your webconf’s dashboard …

Are you using the last Gorgona Omega Sd image and you have updated the software?
If not, please, update the software and reboot …



Hi @jofemodo!

I believe I’m using the latest stretch image (I’m fairly certain I am but I’ve tried a number of images) and have updated the software and rebooted multiple times.

I’m wondering if it’s a case of the hotspot running and preventing regular wifi use on the pi3?


PS I love this system so far!


Hi @johnbiehler!

The new stretch images are not official. These images are quite experimental and need a few fixes before going mainstream.
If you are starting with Zynthian, i recommend you to use the official Gorgona Omega image and update the software as the first step after booting.

Anyway, thank you for testing the stretch image. The problem with the WIFI is not a real problem but a feature. The new stretch images are configured as “Wifi Access Point” by default, so you should take a look to the Wifi’s Network List in your computer (password is “raspberry”) :wink:



I wasn’t sure about which image to use…and I think I probably should go ‘back’ to the official Gorgona Omega release…only problem I can see is that the torrent doesn’t currently have any seeds. Is there somewhere else I can get the image?