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Hi @joostn, nice sounds and nice playing.

Thank you for sharing


Thanks a lot, @joostn!

I added your beautiful play to the Wiki’s Audio demos:

Please, send as many as you want!! It’s a wondeful contribution to the project!! :wink:


P.S: @wyleu, have i told you that i love you, man? :kissing_heart:


Hi everyone! I’m officially signed up and in for the long haul. I just finished building a DIY v2.1 Zynthian kit over here in Pleasanton, California. I’m stoked to be trying to get this working.

Here are a few photos from my instagram feed:

The hardware build wasn’t so bad but I have to say that I’ve had more trouble with the software side of things. I’m hoping I’ll meet folks on here and we can solve the issues together.

I tried downloading one of the torrent files to get an image. That didn’t work so well… (ran my client for a week and didn’t download a single bit). I then found that there was a nightly build CI going so I grabbed the latest build from and flashed a 128GB sd.

When I booted for the first time I saw a zynthian logo and an ERROR message. It then rebooted and came up to what looked like a good menu screen but none of my encoders worked. My touch screen interface did however. So here I am :smiley: diving into the software/hardware debug phase and loving it. I’ve double checked my cabling and soldering and nothing obvious stands out. Are the nightly images stable?


I also had trouble downloading the stable image. I was trying to download the torrent on a partition that is formated in fat32 but apparently there is a size limit to a file on fat. Moved the download to another drive solved the problem for me.


Yes there certainly seems to be a certain element of black magic in the making of bootable ssd cards.

I do it using the disktools in the xubuntu desktop which allows various formats most of which I’ve tried, I assume the Image writes over the top of it all anyway.
I’ve tended to do a complete format before I start, I can’t remember if that’s an experience or a just in case but it’s now part of the ritual.!

I like the LED on the MIDI Port, My 4 pin DIN socket I had to hand didn’t have the pin numbers on so I got it the wrong way round the first time . . Once I’d sorted that out we have a working MIDI IN LED which is very useful.

I’ve mounted the all-in-one encoder without a ribbon cable which keeps things quite compact. It meant replacing the supplied 40 way pin block with one with long pins and a socket and soldering above.

If I soldered the socket on the other side of the All-in-one and with a bit of cutting I could squeeze the cut down board in the red box but I suspect this is not really practical, just useful to know from the point of view of mounting options. I suspect It would have heat problems !!!

This to allow me to select Layer Options, which I don’t think you can get to from an hdmi & mouse . . . :smiley:

I suppose I’ve made a new zynth so I better upload some output…

Some Vangelis strings from ZynAddSubFx net wisdom


Well, quite true. But it’s only matter of choosing the right writing tool. For me, under Windows 10, never failed.

Moreover, I have modified all my rPI3 to boot from USB ( , and Win32DiskImager can write bootable images onto USB pendrives in the same way it writes a bootable uSD card.

(never tried with a Zynthian image, though)


AFAIK, the torrent are working OK. My torrent server is seeding all the time and i there are others seeders too. I tried right now and counted 5/9 seeders. Probably you have some problem with torrent in your network. Perhaps your company limits torrent use.

Anyway, you can download the official Gorgona Omega image from this links:

Kind Regards,


Does anyone check the hashes of the downloads? I know I don’t.


Thank you I’ll give this a try to see where I am hardware-wise. I’ll see if I can connect to the admin interface in a browser once it’s up.


That has no audio in, right?


Here are a few image gallery sites, showing Zynthian case designs

— Here are a couple examples from these sites —


Hi, here are some pictures of my super cheap build with air wiring, a Joy-It display and a nice tag-and-slot case made with my Dremel-Drawer-Slides-and-MDF-CNC:



do we get the almost obligatory sound recording?


Oh, sorry. I didn’t know this was customary. I hope it’s meant as a “hello world” more than a “look how I can make it go to 100% CPU load”. I’m not too much of a musician (that’s why I’m looking for a sequencer :-)). But my daughter started to improvise immediately. So here is a short invention with the linuxsampler oboe + some reverb.

Just noticed: there are some small digital hiccups. Sorry for that.


Thanks for that. I like the idea of the Hello World!

On one fairly expansive evening in Barcelona we decided the most uplifting things the project could generate were sound recordings from machines out there !


“Fairly expansive” sounds quite good … but perhaps you wanted to mean “fairly expensive”, that doesn’t sound so good :rofl:


Expansive was what I meant… :grin:


Ohhh! I must say that some expansive ideas from that evening have become reality … and others are close to do it … do you remember the “Stage Mode” ? :wink:


Of course! . I also remember cycling round Barcelona and much superb food!


Wow, nice tune! A very talented newcomer😉.