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Oh Yes !! That I like!



Another attempt to make compact Zynthian, without much blinkenlights :slight_smile:

Pi 3B+, Pifi DAC, MCP27013 with KY-040 encoders and Landzo 3.5 inch touchscreen. Cramped space, box is small.


Midi to USB Converter

That’s a beautiful yellow thingie !!! :slight_smile:

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:musical_keyboard: Here, zynthian keyboard done

:headphones: Working with a arduino due and a kvm switch, allowing it to be used as a usb midi controller or with zynthian

:notes: Here is my hello world, a rendition of Here Comes the Sun, from The Beatles, for beginners(sorry for any mistakes btw :sweat_smile:, and thx for for the original):

Greetings from Três Rios, Rio de Janeiro :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Zynthian Boxes in the World

The kvm doesn’t work with the due without causing a bug, so, i got rid of it. I’m passing the midi data via serial thru a Arduino pro micro and it is using the MIDIUSB library to pass the serial data to the PC at the same time that the Arduino due pass data to the zynthian also via USB.
PS: in that case, don’t join the 3.3v lines of the two boards, just to be safe.



I’ve been playing around with guitar effects and the reMid/reSid plugin ever since my first RPI and the day I discovered Zynthian, I knew i had to build one! Fast forward 4 years (well, 4 kids, full time day job and a 100 year old house leaves little time for leisure :wink:) and my favorite toy and music making tool is finally a reality. I still have a lot to learn and can’t help thinking up excuses for building #2. Thanks to all the hardworking Zynthians for making this possible.

Best wishes!



Woaooo! Congratulations! Really nice enclosure and setup. It seems solid.
Give some details, please :wink:

  • Are you happy with the Audioinjector?
  • What about the power source?
  • Did you include a pre-amp?

The best!



Thanks, the alu-case is from an old modem, but the wood sides are home made, and I’m pretty satisfied. After all I’m more of a software guy :wink:.

I have a love /hate relationship with the Audio injector. The header pins cost me a lot of trouble, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere. But I really like the input part (even though I haven’t been able to turn that on after assembling the case :roll_eyes:) wanna play with the vocoder and maybe some bas/guitar effects.

My power supply is an old laptop psu and a DC/DC converter. Works great for Zynthian, but unfortunately the RPI can’t power my Akai MK25 through usb.

I haven’t thought of a preamp. At home I’m using a bass Amp directly connected to the A-I. I haven’t tried it through a mixer yet, but I guess I’ll go through a line driver if there’s not enough punch in my box.
The jack and fader on top is just a pot and a stereo jack for “private sessions” :hear_no_evil:

DC/DC converter and a little access window for the SDcard