Success Cases




Oh Yes !! That I like!


Another attempt to make compact Zynthian, without much blinkenlights :slight_smile:

Pi 3B+, Pifi DAC, MCP27013 with KY-040 encoders and Landzo 3.5 inch touchscreen. Cramped space, box is small.

Midi to USB Converter

That’s a beautiful yellow thingie !!! :slight_smile:


:musical_keyboard: Here, zynthian keyboard done

:headphones: Working with a arduino due and a kvm switch, allowing it to be used as a usb midi controller or with zynthian

:notes: Here is my hello world, a rendition of Here Comes the Sun, from The Beatles, for beginners(sorry for any mistakes btw :sweat_smile:, and thx for for the original):

Greetings from Três Rios, Rio de Janeiro :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Zynthian Boxes in the World

The kvm doesn’t work with the due without causing a bug, so, i got rid of it. I’m passing the midi data via serial thru a Arduino pro micro and it is using the MIDIUSB library to pass the serial data to the PC at the same time that the Arduino due pass data to the zynthian also via USB.
PS: in that case, don’t join the 3.3v lines of the two boards, just to be safe.