New feature: full touchscreen navigation and control

I just updated the repository with the new improvements in the touch interface. Now you can navigate and control the Zynthian UI without encoders/switches at all. Only touchscreen :wink:

You can “emulate” the switches by pushing in the controller widgets. There are short, bold and long actions. Exactly the same workflow than ever. When the “back” widget is not available, you can go back by clicking the top bar.

Also, as i explained in another post, you can move the controllers by “sliding” over the widgets. I think it’s pretty intuitive.

Currently there is no way of accesing the X-Y control screen without the real switches. Resistive screens doesn’t support multi-touch, so i’ve to find a “touch replacement” for that action.



Great job! This is fantastic, can’t wait to try this out.

Hi @jofemodo,

Great news!!

One question now, would this mean that Zynthian Box will work without connecting 2in1 pcb and encoder/switches? I guess the answer is yes, but I’d like confirmation. I cannot try this because I wasn’t able, so far, to get working my official 7" raspberry touchscreen (which is attached to DSI port). By the way, I’ll appreciate if someone knows how to setup the touchscreen and point me where to find the info needed to achieve it.

Regards, Jose.

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How do I get into the Snapshot L/S screen with touch only?
Layers / Admin Menu is toggled when touching the top bar.
Shouldn’t we toggle between the 3 main menus?

I assume it would only work, when you change the non-touch behaviour at the back-button as well?

Hi @mheidt!

Currently the only way to access SnapShot functionality with touch only is from the “Instrument Control” screen. Once you are there, you touch the top-right controller for accessing the load snapshot menu. “Bold-touch” for accessing the “save snapshot” menu.