Working with pure data

hello everyone, last week i got my Zynthian soldet everything all workes fine.
but i was not so happy with the software, so i installed raspberian and puredata
and everything works well.
but i have no idea how to get control of the potis in pure data and at all
maybe someone could help
thanks and greez

Hi @alfred!

Why you didn’t like the software? Could you elaborate a little bit?

Regarding your question, i think the easiest way of integrating the zynthian controllers (“potis”) with pure data would be to create a puredata “zyngine”, integrated with the current software.

If not, you could try to use the zyncoder library, or take from the code the parts you want for creating your controller library:

Kind Regards,

i am more interested in pure data than in more vst like synths, sampler and fx
and i was searching for some small box like Zynthian to work with patches without a laptop. i also tried out organelle but wanted to see my patches on a display…

i will try to work with that library thanks !

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OK! Keep us informed of your advances, please :wink:

so i managed to install the zyncoder library
and i have “alsa sequencer” for my usb faderbox witch works
but i could not find the zyncoder knobs
should they show up in the alsa sequencer ? or how could i get them as midi faders?
please help :slight_smile:

Hi @alfred!

Take a look to the example program “zyncoder_test.c”

But first pull the latest changes. I’ve fixed it for using MIDI-CC 70-73.
Before building, you should define the environment variable:


as it’s v2’s wiring configuration. After that, from the same terminal:

cd zyncoder_dir/build
cmake ..

When you run the “zyncoder_test” binary, a jack client called “Zyncoder” will be created (jack daemon should be running!!). You can connect the Zyncoder’s MIDI output to pd and will receive MIDI-CC 70-73, corresponding with the 4 encoders. The problem is that PD doesn’t support jack and zyncoder currently doesn’t support ALSA seq. You will need some kind of bridge, like a2jmidid :wink:

Regards … and good luck!!

hello, when i run zyncoder_test i get the messege:
gpio: Unable to open GPIO direction interface for pin 17: No such file or directory
wiringPiISR: unable to open /sys/class/gpio/gpio17/value: No such file or directory

You need to run the program as root or give permissions for accessing the GPIO to your user.


i ve done it as root same messege

Is there a branch already? I am interested in a pure data integration as well.

i think there is no integration yet…

Yes, thats why we need to do it. A lot of ppl are asking for pure data

i m a total linux rookey…

I’ve created a task in the github repo:

I’ve been testing with this patch: (6.3 KB)

It’s a generative patch that can be tuned using CC 1,2,3,4 & 7.



oh wow great thanks !

I’ve a initial version of the PureData engine. Pull “puredata_zyngine” branch of zynthian-ui repository :wink:
Something like this:

apt-get update
apt-get -y install puredata
apt-get -y install python3-yaml
systemctl enable a2jmidid
systemctl start a2jmidid 
cd /zynthian/zynthian-ui
git fetch
git checkout puredata_zyngine

I’ve prepared some demo patches that you can try and use as example: (49.0 KB)

Simply copy to the “/zynthian/zynthian-my-data/presets” folder and unzip :wink:


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my problem is that i could not get wlan on the zynthian.
i also tried to take the same networkconfiguratione than in the raspien but didn work.

Have you read this post?


didnt work, also tried this

Could you send the output of this 2 commands?


Also, note that if you are using the aluminum case, the internal wifi device will receive a very weak signal and only will work if you are really close to the router. If not, you should use an usb dongle.