Zynthian mini

zynthian-hw/MINI_V2/resources/PCB-rev2-facia.png at master · sstojos/zynthian-hw · GitHub shows the dimensions mirrored. It would be nice to see these not mirrored.

If you open PCB or PCB facia in Kicad 8 you will see it probably better.

As I remember we need to fit all under facia components to 110mm height. If we can’t squeeze top and bottom buttons to be inside 110mm we can move 4 top ones to the left where current f1-4 are. There is a lot of space there to put all 8 there.

Also autoroute do a decent job on such a big PCB with few components so once we get all components aligned it will be a quick job to finish it.

I am also keen on the eurorack sized design when they are ready.

Hi @jofemodo, I have spotted that v5 opt menu is reduced to only what is needed there because other options are available by their own buttons (e.g. no snapshot, no sequencer, no admin options).

Due to MINi v2 having the same buttons as v5 can I configure the same opt menu behaviour or this is hardcoded?

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Hi @stojos:

This is decided based in the wiring layout:

	# Create the right main menu screen
	if zynthian_gui_config.check_wiring_layout(["Z2", "V5"]):
		self.screens['main_menu'] = zynthian_gui_chain_menu()
		self.screens['main_menu'] = zynthian_gui_main_menu()

In contextual menus, there are conditional entries, that normally are managed like this, for instance:

	# Global Options
	if not zynthian_gui_config.check_wiring_layout(["V5"]):
		options['Grid zoom'] = 'Grid zoom'
	if extra_options:
		options['Tempo'] = 'Tempo'
	if not zynthian_gui_config.check_wiring_layout(["Z2"]):
		options['Arranger'] = 'Arranger'
	options['Beats per Bar ({})'.format(self.zynseq.libseq.getBeatsPerBar())] = 'Beats per bar'

So if you are using the V5 wiring layout, you should get the “reduced” version of menus.
If you are using a custom layout, perhaps we could add it to the list.


Thanks @jofemodo. Understood.

I am not going to change anything until a bug where mini v2 on rpi5 lose randomly the same 8 buttons because some of these buttons are needed if options are removed from opt menu.