Mounting my Zynthian Box Kit


First step: DAC arrived!

Happy 2017!

Zynthian Kits

From Spain, hello everybody!

Second step is arrived: The display. Tiny but usefull.


Hi @Mister_Carrington!
Saludos desde BCN! Good luck with your build!! :wink:
Un abrazo!


Hello again!

Slowly but step by step.
In this days the brain of the project is arrived. ‘The thirth element’.



Some tricks to assemble the kit. First, the basic tools .

Extra tools:

Philps screwdriver (for screen).

Wrench for potentiometer nuts.


After x4 cross check

. I power on first time
The screen must be full white because the micro SD is not inserted yet.


This is the first start up after insert the micro SD. First menu on screen.



Hi @Mister_Carrington!

Congratulations, for the build! It seems OK!
I will be awiting your comments about sound, playability, etc. :wink:

Ahhh! Please, read this:

Super Regards!


Added to the wiki!! (remember that you can edit the wiki too :wink:



Aluminum and copper coolers aren’t ,mandatory!


Pay attention with socket soldering. Mine is not the best example.




Check time and some new tools.


First test using Synth machine in arpeggio program.


Don’t forget to label your jack connector!